Our skills and our remit

Counsel and litigation services to the aviation industry

Founded in 1992 by Jean CHEVRIER, CHEVRIER AVOCATS Lawfirm, which has been acting for the aviation industry for thirty years, became MAZOYER GUIJARRO AVOCATS Lawfirm in 2022.

The background and experience of each of the firm’s lawyers, together with their in-depth knowledge of the operational and commercial challenges facing a regulated industry, enable us to meet our clients’ expectations with regard to a variety of issues and statuses and to intervene before all courts, whether civil, criminal, administrative, commercial or arbitrational.

In this context, our firm is sought for cases relating to major air accidents, commercial aviation, business aviation and light aircraft for sport and leisure, for out of court settlement, legal action or mediation.

We advise French and foreign airlines, ground handling operators, aircraft and aircraft equipment manufacturers, freight forwarders and their insurers, as well as assisting with expert opinion on technical matters, whether for out of court settlements and legal proceedings.

We also provide counsel and litigation services to French and foreign airports, particularly in matters of governance, liability, land in the public domain, competition law, safety and airport charges.

We advise and represent aircraft owners and leasing parties, specifically with respect to the negotiation, drafting and execution of contracts.

The firm has the expertise to handle enforcement procedures, especially those relating to aircraft seizures.

To ensure that we meet our clients’ needs, we have developed a network of trusted partners (lawyers, aeronautical experts, medical experts, bailiffs etc), enabling us to support our clients in France and abroad.


  • Analysis, advice and document drafting (insurance contracts, protocols, etc.)
  • Compensation (assessment of damages, aircraft hull claims, corporal damages)
  • Subrogated recovery proceedings


  • Competition law
  • Concession contracts
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Land in the public domain
  • Public works damages
  • Personal data protection (General Data Protection Regulations-GDPR)
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Charges
  • Liability
  • Security and Safety
  • Sub-contractors


Airline Companies

  • Air carrier liability
  • Passenger claims (delays, flight cancellations, denied boarding), and baggage claims (delay and damage) – EC Regulation N° 261/2004, Montreal Convention, Warsaw Convention etc.
  • INAD passengers (turned back at a border)
  • Freight litigation
  • Competition and distribution – General Conditions (CGT – work/CGV-sales/CGA-purchases)
  • Personal data protection (General Data Protection Regulations-GDPR)
  • Environment: pollution, noise pollution (French Airport Noise Nuisance Control Authority-ACNUSA)
  • Disciplinary proceedings (French Directorate of Civil Aviation-DGAC, French Authorities)
  • Bilateral agreements

General Aviation

  • Light aircraft for sport and leisure
  • Business aviation
  • Flying clubs, Federation
  • Aircraft sharing
  • Air work
  • Drones

General Aviation

Aircraft Owners / Leasing Parties

  • Aircraft financing (finance leasing, purchase with retention of title clause, mortgage loan…)
  • Dry lease / Wet lease / ACMI
  • Novation
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Hidden defects
  • Debt recovery
  • Aircraft seizure
  • Registration / Radiation / Registration of mortgages / Transfers (French and international registers)

Aircraft and Aircraft Equipment Manufacturers

  • Defective product liability
  • Contractual guarantee
  • Contractual liability
  • Hidden defects

Aircraft and Aircraft Equipment Manufacturers

Freight Forwarders

  • Liability
  • Debt recovery

Public Bodies Responsible for Air Safety

  • Air navigation services
  • Safety investigation bodies
  • Marine search and rescue services (SAR/SAMAR)

Public Bodies Responsible for Air Safety

Ground Handling Operations

  • Liability
  • IATA Conventions

Maintenance Operations

  • Aeronautical maintenance body (Maintenance Workshops, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations-CAMO)
  • Debt recovery / retention

Maintenance Operations

Flight Crew

  • Disciplinary proceedings (French Directorate of Civil Aviation-DGAC)
  • Employment law – applicable regulations (basis of assignment of flight crews etc.)